The OIC-AC provides a neutral, independent and professional dispute resolution platform for all types of arbitrable disputes. The Centre professionally administers the arbitration process, through its organisational structure consisting of global experts in international arbitration law, finance, commerce and investment. It adopts an efficient, solution-oriented and party autonomy based management approach, keeping up with the latest global advancements.

To ensure an efficient system, the OIC-AC employs cutting-edge technologies, such as online proceedings. The Centre centralises the parties’ will by granting them control over every stage of the arbitration procedure, from the beginning to the end, including the choice of applicable law, arbitrators, and the seat of arbitration.

The OIC-AC safeguards the parties’ interests by not extending the proceedings beyond a reasonable period, which would undermine the expected benefits of arbitration. It eliminates or at least reduces the risk and unpredictability of both investment and commercial disputes with reasonable litigation costs.

The OIC-AC monitors the obstacles encountered in the practice of arbitration, anticipates problems, and prevents them through the timely preparation and revision of its laws and regulations.