The OIC-AC endeavours to pioneer global economic development by becoming a thought leader and the foremost global centre for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in commercial and investment disputes. The OIC-AC is dedicated to the promotion of best practices in ADR at large, and arbitration in particular, through example and practice, training, and thought leadership within the OIC and beyond.


1) The OIC-AC promotes business development by providing a forum for effective alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to States, companies, and individuals not only in the OIC area but on a global scale.
2) The OIC-AC promotes and enhances the knowledge of ADR in the OIC Member States, particularly those that have not yet established an ADR industry.
3) The OIC-AC provides ADR mechanisms for Islamic finance disputes.
4) The OIC-AC produces legal advice on the national laws of OIC Member States concerning the arbitration industry.