Notice of Arbitration

Information of the Claimant


Information of the representative of the Claimant

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You, the Claimant, hereby demand arbitration. Please answer the following questions in accordance with the arbitration agreement or contract to which you are a party and which provides for arbitration under the OIC-AC Arbitration Rules

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Nature and Circumstances of the Dispute

The Claim or Relief Sought *

(the amount, if any)


Type of Business


Claimant’s Proposal for

(If not previously agreed by the Parties)
(If the issues were previously agreed in the arbitration agreement or contract, please fill the below issues as mutually agreed.)


Information of the Claimant’s Nominee


Claimants Comments on

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Information of the Respondent *


Information of the Representative of the Respondent

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Important Notice: To begin proceedings, please file online at You must send a copy of this Notice (pdf), the Arbitration Agreement, contractual documents, legal instruments out of or in related to the dispute, a brief description of your claim and proof of payment of the filing fee required by Annex III to the OIC-AC Arbitration Rules to the in order to initiate the administration of the arbitration.

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