Are your services only addressed to the OIC Member States?

No. Our Statute allows us to offer ADR services on a global scale. So, in case a commercial or investment dispute arises between two or more subjects of law who are nationals of different countries, we are on mission.

What are your advantages vis-à-vis the other international ADR centres?

As a fresh actor in the international ADR mechanisms, the OIC-AC offers a myriad of advantages. To list some:

Location: Türkiye is a member of numerous prominent economic regional and international organisations and/or groups such as the OECD, G20, MIKTA, and the D-8. The country is an important centre of Islamic finance. Istanbul is a natural bridge between Europe and Asia, a melting pot of different colours, cultures, and beliefs. The city is an important hub for international trade and harbours the Istanbul Financial Centre (IFC). It has excellent flight connections and affordable hotel prices.

Expertise: The OIC-AC holds niche expertise on Islamic law, along with expertise on traditional rules and practises governing ADR.

Professionalism: The organs of the OIC-AC are composed of the most professional and eminent figures worldwide in ADR, law, finance, and investment.

Settlement of Islamic finance disputes: The OIC-AC is a gateway to Islamic finance products.

ICT: The OIC-AC operates with state-of-the-art and secure information and communication technologies.

Panels of arbitrators, mediators, and experts: The OIC-AC offers diverse (in terms of nationality, language, area of expertise, age, and gender) panels of arbitrators, mediators, and experts.

The OIC-AC has access to 57 OIC Member States.

The Code of Ethics of the OIC-AC has been drafted to the highest standards.

The OIC-AC offers cost-effective services.

Are you settling Islamic finance disputes?

Yes, we are mandated to settle all commercial and investment disputes, including those involving Islamic finance. Kindly note that nothing in our rules violates Islamic law or any laws of the OIC Member States.

Are you considered a Turkish ADR centre?

No, we are not a Turkish ADR centre. Our headquarters are located in Istanbul under the Host Country Agreement.

What are the governing laws of the OIC-AC?

The legal bases of the OIC-AC are the Statute of the OIC and the Host Country Agreement.