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This Site uses cookies, which are small data files that are stored on a user’s browser or device (computer, phone, etc.) that identify users and devices and store information about user preferences and transactions to enhance its functionality and provide the best possible service. You may, though, access “Cookie Settings” to provide a controlled consent. Personal information is collected automatically when cookies are used.

As a general information; there are there types of classification for the cookies regarding the duration, purpose of use and parties. Cookies by duration divided into persistent cookies and session cookies. Persistent cookies are stored in the browser for a set period of time. These durations vary depending on the purpose of the cookies. Persistent cookies are automatically deleted when the set duration expires. Such cookies may also be used to ensure that users do not have to re-enter their login information each time they log in to their OIC-AC account.

Session (non-persistent) cookies are used to ensure session continuity and stored only for the period that a browser is open. When the user closes the browser, these cookies expire and are automatically deleted. Cookies by purpose, divided into the following categories: essential cookies, functional cookies, performance cookies, and marketing cookies. Essential cookies are used for websites to function properly. Strictly necessary cookies enable various features of websites and are necessary for basic functions of websites such as browsing through different pages, form filling, remembering privacy preferences, or to sign-in etc. Performance cookies are used to analyse user behaviour for statistical purposes and to improve the user experience and functionality of Web sites. They are often used to remember user preferences; such as filter settings or language preferences. Marketing cookies are the cookies used to tracking users’ online activities in the Internet space using cookies for advertising and marketing purposes, identifying personal interests and targeting advertisements and to prevent the display of advertisements about which the user is not interested. For example, the most clicked pages or the time spent on a page of a website are collected through performance cookies.

If you choose reject to use the optional cookies, your experience may be limited, but does not mean that you will not be unable to use the Site. Through accepting optional cookies, you consent to the storage and reading of cookies and the use of tracking technologies necessary for their proper functioning. Since the OIC-AC newly established this Site is being improved, without prejudice to the fact that that any changes to this Cookie Policy shall be effective upon posting of the revised Cookie Policy on the Internet accessible through the OIC-AC Sites and your continued use of the OIC-AC Sites following such changes shall constitute your acceptance of such changes, you may find below the cookies we used for now.

Last Updated: 8 December, 2023







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